Educating the world
one Pop at a time!

from the sale of each KarmaPop™ is donated to KLEO—Karen Learning and Education Opportunities.

To date you have helped raised
for KLEO with your purchase of KarmaPops! 

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Karma, whether defined as fate, destiny, or the development of events beyond a person's control, is what brought KLEO and Kameleon/KarmaPops together.

However, the direct support that KarmaPops offers is not karmic, it is the unwavering result of an organization with heart. People with a desire to give back and create better futures for children without educational opportunities. This is the basis of our relationship.

The KLEO/KarmaPops relationship goes beyond the students, whose knowledge provides an opportunity for community development in their mountain villages. Jen’s House students become mentors for others who can follow in their footsteps and contribute to their communities in this changing world...and so the circle grows.

To give without concern for personal gain is the essence of what giving is. This is the action and intent of the amazing team that is Kameleon.

Coleen Scott
KLEO Support Group